Saturday, August 27, 2011

Apostrophize II

A reader who found this blog by searching for "apostrophize" sent the following example of the word's use in "an old McGruffey Reader":

An exchange paper thus apostrophizes on marriage:
Marriage is like a flaming candle light,
Placed in the window on a summer night,
Inviting all the insects of the air
To come and singe their pretty winglets there.
Those that are out butt heads against the pane,
And those within butt to get out again.

The reader, Tom, wrote: "The first comment in your entry for 'apostrophize,' and this selection from the reader, might enhance one's understanding of the meaning of the word. Or at least generate a smile."

It definitely brought a smile to my face. Thanks, Tom!


  1. McGuffey, not McGuffry. Reminds me of that animated dog, Something McGruff.

  2. Thanks, Ralph! Must've been a typo, but it's been fixed. McGruff, indeed, the "crime dog."


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