Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Prophecy vs. Prophesy

Prophecies can be tricky. That's why I tend to avoid them.

But if you can't, then be sure to distinguish between prophecy and prophesy. What's the difference?

Prophecy is a noun–meaning a prediction of something to come–and is pronounced "see" at the end (it rhymes with "look at me").

Prophesy is a verb: to make a prediction. It's pronounced "sigh" at the end (rhymes with "my oh my").

Unfortunately, in a recent article I let slip by "prophesies" where "prophecies" was meant. A keen-eyed Italian reader called me–gingerly, and actually by email–on the mistake.

Mistakes will be made, but I prophesy that I won't let that slip by again. I hope that prophecy comes true.

In the meantime, I wish a very happy new year to all my readers.

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  1. We all make mistakes. It sure smarts,doesn't it?

  2. Trial and error.At least you do what you can to right the wrong!


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