Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Reach out to...

"Who do I reach out to?" a colleague asked in a recent email.

I had to restrain my fingers from cyber-strangling her on two counts: using the bureaucratese "reach out to," and incorrectly using "who" instead of "whom."

What's with this reaching out to? I really don't want anyone reaching out to me. It sounds too cuddly and new-worldy. Whatever happened to contacting or calling or writing or reaching someone?

On that front, I'm not going to reach out to you, but do I want to thank all my readers for their interest in this blog. Who knew that people still care about words and how to use them? Obviously there are a lot of you, and that warms my cranky, copy editor heart. I especially appreciate your comments, observations, and queries. You're the best. (Look who's getting all cuddly now.)

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  1. Did you just reach out to your fans??? Sorry! I couldn't resist!

    Your blog is a treasure especially now that everyone with an Internet connection seems to think they were born to be a writer.

  2. He did. I feel reached-out to...

    I'm forwarding this, as well, to my friend the English Professor.

  3. Hah! I did no such thing. But it's great to hear from both of you. And thanks for the nice words, CreekHiker. I treasure your kind comments.


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