Monday, August 31, 2009

Fashion Misstatement

"Say it loud. Say it proud. Say it right." 

That's the slogan for Jam Donaldson Designs, a line of T-shirts that seeks to set the record straight on misused phrases. To wit: 
"Conversate" is not a word.

It isn't "ironical"

I, myself "isn't necessary"

My favorite, though, is the one pictured: "Irregardless," its wrong. 

Um, yep, it's wrong. I'll give the designer an "A" for effort, but you won't see me wearing that incorrectly apostrophized phrase on a T-shirt. 

(Purchase the T-shirt pictured above here.)


  1. unbelievable! serves them right for being so pompous. . . i'm trying to imagine a sense in which the wrong could be attributed as a possession of "irregardless," sort of a quality, perhaps. the wrongness of irregardless. . . nope. can't do it.


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