Friday, August 7, 2009

Alpenhorn Blast

Working in the word business, I find it's easy to get mired in the depressing news of a failing industry. Newspapers and magazines are closing; copydesks are being decimated. Print is dead; the end is near.

Then I read a wonderful article or spot a well-turned phrase, and I'm reminded why I fell in love with words, writing, and journalism.

Writing about the Kindle 2, Nicholson Baker paints a rich image:
Everybody was saying that the new Kindle was terribly important--that it was an alpenhorn blast of post-Gutenbergian revalorization. ("A New Page," The New Yorker, 8/3/09)
It's over-the-top writing, and that's what makes it work in this context.

Hooray for alpenhorns--and for terrific writers.

(Image courtesy Daveybot at Flikr)

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