Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What Font Are You?

I'm Helvetica, duh. Take the quiz and find out which font you are.

You are Helvetica

You fit in well to most situations. You're not flashy, and prefer clarity to knocking people over with your style. A tad quiet perhaps, but not stuffy, and you've got very strong opinions under there somewhere. When you get drunk, you start looking more like Impact.

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  1. I was deeply disappointed when I found out I'm Helvetica. People say it's the whore of fonts, because it's just everywhere. But I'm starting to embrace its utility and clarity. It could be worse. I could be Sand.

  2. "The whore of fonts"? So that makes me...? Embrace it, Morgon. Don't be swayed by the Sand!

    It was great to meet you in Minneapolis!

  3. Let's just say, serifs are a virtue.

    Thanks for the great session.


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