Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hitchens Hath Hatred for Copy Editors

Hell hath no fury like that of Christopher Hitchens. This week Hitchens heaped his wrath upon copy editors at the New York Times. In "Terrorists, Dissidents, and Copy Editors" posted on, it seems there's little difference in Hitchens's thinking among them. The reason for his contempt? The media, not even specifically the NYT, are labeling terrorist thugs in Northern Ireland as "dissidents." Hitchens invokes no greater power than the OED in his argument that dissident "describes only attitudes and not actions." Point taken. But lumping copy editors with terrorists is beyond the pale, really. Then again, Hitchens always takes no prisoners. 

Obviously doctored photograph above copyright The Onion, 2009


  1. He also hath hatred for Mother Theresa, so you're in pretty good company.

  2. He's not a big fan of God either (read "God Is Not Great"), so I'm indeed in good company.


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